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B More Outspoken Week

Tomorrow starts B More Outspoken Week over here at Bucky & Bling - are you excited? I am. People tell me time and time again that they wish they had the chutzpah to do what I do: to say what I think, to have an opinion, to set boundaries, share thoughts freely, etc. This bravery (yes - BRAVERY) did not come easily to me. It has been developed. Like many things, outspokenness, is like a muscle - you have to work it and rest it and work it again and let it grow over time.

Now being "outspoken" kind of has a negative connotation. The definition of "outspoken" is "frank in stating one's opinions, especially if they are critical or controversial" but I want to tell you that being outspoken does NOT have to be controversial and being outspoken does NOT have to be critical. In fact, I would argue - especially if you are a woman - that the only thing controversial about being outspoken is that you ARE using your voice. So don't be deterred by antiquated meanings.

What's the new meaning you might be thinking?


The ability to put your voice to the things you think and that exist in your mind. That connectedness. Devoid of fear or hesitation to say those things.

Because you know what happens when you connect your inner self to the outside world? YOU DEMONSTRATE YOUR AUTHENTICITY. You show people who you are. You allow people to see YOU and connect to YOU in a more authentic way.

One could argue this is just being a "communicator" but it does go a step beyond that because it's not just basic communication. It's communication on a deeper lever - putting a voice to things that are sensitive or scary or hard to share. THAT is being outspoken. Because it requires a CONFIDENCE in yourself and BRAVERY that you CAN be you without fear that your friends will want to spend less time with you, your Partner will fall out of love with you, or that people won't like you because you HAVE an opinion, idea, thought, or need.

If there's anything in the old definition I want you to embrace this week, it's the "frank"ness - using your voice this week and making that space from thought to voice, less.

Are you ready? Get ready.

B brave. B confident. Just try it! 

Tomorrow I'll be sending out your challenge for the week with areas where you can practice your outspokenness. Make sure you're in our #Bwrappergang so you don't miss out! [That's a newsletter member]




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