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B Alcohol Free for 30 Days ...

Hello and welcome to the FIRST BLOG POST of the Bucky & Bling blog!

Today I'm featuring our "B Alcohol Free" Bwrap and some of the inspiration behind it.

Let's chat about your alcohol consumption ... beer, wine, hard liquor ... do you drink more than you want or way too much? Are you a "light" drinker (one serving a day), a "moderate" drinker (two servings a day) or a "heavy" drinker (3.5 drinks a day)? I'm not here to judge you. In fact, I don't care what kind of drinker you are - all I care about is the kind of drinker you want to B.

I would probably consider myself to be a "Light" drinker (or "Slightly Lighter than Light" if that was a thing because *one serving* is quite small) because I consume a beer or wine about 3-4 times a week. But most importantly? I would really like to not drink anything at all. As I'm training for the NYC Marathon, the fact is that alcohol negatively affects my sleep, my enjoyment of running, and it's kind of a weight on my wallet.

I've actually tried to NOT drink for 7 days straight and you know what happened when I tried? I couldn't. (And I've attempted three times!) I got to a point where Friday and Saturday rolled around and it didn't quite feel like a Friday or Saturday without something.

I know what you're thinking, "Well what's one or two drinks on a Friday or Saturday?" It's nothing. That's true. But when did I lose the power over my Fridays and Saturdays where it didn't quite feel like that day without alcohol?

Now that, my dear reader, is part of the inspiration behind the B Alcohol Free for 30 day Bwrap.

The other day, while out on a training run, I listened to a podcast - The Chalene Johnson Show - and the topic was about Alcohol and your Fitness. And after listening to Chalene tout some of what your body goes through after it imbibes, you know what? It inspired me to try MUCH HARDER on my next go around to B Alcohol Free.

Upon my return home, I spent even more time researching the effects of drinking alcohol and what happens when you drink too much (ie - for me, a female, more than ONE SERVING per day). It wasn't pretty ... it puts stress on your brain and liver, it can increase your risk for breast cancer, it causes your stomach acid to increase which can cause gastritis (I have that!) - the list is long. Quite frankly, even as I type this, I've only done one thing: reaffirm that I am excited to B alcohol free for 30 days and see how great my body can feel.

Do you want to B alcohol free for 30 days? Then join the challenge. Our CHALLENGE series BWraps were created with the sole purpose of helping you bring out the very best you. Results are not guaranteed but we're pretty sure you'll feel better, perhaps lose some weight, and totally save a ton of money (unless you have a Sugar Daddy who is funding your Alcohol Habit in which case you have a bigger problem and we need to talk - message us).


Elena (aka BLING)

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  • Heather on

    Thanks for addressing this in a cheerful way. I have a healthy cocktail I have when it is too early to have a real one. It tastes dirty like a drink but actually does your body good: a glass of seltzer water (We have a Sodastream at home) with a spoon of honey mixed with a few spots of Apple Cider Vinegar to taste. The more the better. If you have some fruit juice, adding that in (Particularly apple juice) works well too. CHEERS to your goals! Super cute bracelets!

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