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It's time to protect your energy

Do you feel frenzied or overwhelmed?
Can you think without feeling like you're going to have a meltdown?
If you're too far from calm, then you're not doing a good job protecting your energy.
We only have so much energy. Good and healthy habits increase our energy (physical and more) and unhealthy habits push us to the breaking point.
You shouldn't have to live a life feeling frazzled, anxious, or foggy.
And if you do?
It's time to start protecting your energy.
A little more than one year ago, I was exhausted, angry, tired, and I felt I weighed more than I wanted to. I couldn't sleep through the night without night sweats, I feared I was having early menopause, and more. I don't know what was my breaking point but eventually I thought, "I don't want to feel like this anymore. I just want to feel good."
I spent the next few days thinking about the last time I "felt good." Let's call that the BASELINE; It's comparable to when you go to the doctor and they run all the tests and then they either tell you you're healthy and you go home or you need to make changes and you go from there. For me, at that point, my baseline was about 8 years earlier. Now we all know you can't go back in time, and g-d knows I didn't want to be stuck in the past - so what I did was I looked at it FACTUALLY:
I had no kids. I was content in my career with a job that let me be creative and paid me well. I was running and training for a marathon (and blogging related to said training) and I had a social calendar that had plans that I looked forward to. 
The kids! It's the kids! I know that's what you're thinking. I know it's what you're saying. But you know what? It's NOT the kids. I WANTED those kids. I planned for a life with those kids. So yes, the kids were one fact change - but what about everything else? I kept comparing the facts.  I wasn't running. I didn't blog. I had minimal activities in my life which were things that *I wanted to do* (compared to obligations or responsibilities I had to do) and more. It was there - in those spaces - where there was a huge disconnect. So I looked at those gaps, wanted to get back to baseline, and said "This is what I need to work on."
Nobody can pull it all together over night and you can't do 100 things at once so I started with the thing I thought was the easiest: Running. I mean, I couldn't run. I hadn't run in so long! But I started walking; walking every day - with my dog - for only 30 minutes. I had already felt so much guilt that my dog didn't get the attention he deserved, I figured this would be a good way to get him back on the list of things I needed to do better with and that would also help me close the gap to baseline.
At that time, walking for 30 minutes a day seemed impossible. I thought to myself, "There is no way I have time for this. What will I need to cut out? How will I fit this in?" And more. I had set the time for 30 minutes because in a logical sense, that seemed manageable but when it came to coming up with a whole new schedule? I almost talked myself out of it .... until I remembered I wanted to feel good.
So I changed my internal script: You ONLY have to walk 30 minutes a day. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just get out there. Rain or shine. The dog needs his walk. It's not even about you - it's about the dog. You can do laundry later at night. You can scroll the news another time. The kids can get groceries with you after school. WHATEVER. This is your only obligation today - walk 30 minutes.
The first two weeks seemed impossible. I was equally frazzled. But you know what? When you're focused on a new goal - and only that one goal - everything that comes at you, as a distraction, suddenly feels like a fly you can swat away: No, I did not have time to go to PTO meetings. No, I do not have time to read about celebrities. No - sorry - I can't meet you for breakfast because I have to take my dog for a walk!
Drawing a "NO-LINE" across my schedule was easier because there is only do much time. But do you know what other "NO"s I started thinking about it: No, sorry, I don't care what you think about my choices or my calendar or anything else at this point because it's not about you today, it's about me, and I JUST WANT TO FEEL GOOD.
Maybe the caps are a bit much - but it was a bit much. Suddenly focusing on one thing - one small thing that only took 30 minutes - but which increased my energy, made me feel better about myself, gave me mental clarity, and also took care of my dog became so much more. 
Looking from the outside in, others could sum it up: "Self Love," "Self Care," "Making time for Mom." Etc. But I never viewed it as that - from the inside out, what I saw, for the first time, was HOW I WAS PROTECTING MY ENERGY.
Every time I put energy somewhere where it didn't need to be, I was drained. Every negative social media comment that took my thought? That was an energy drain. Every meeting I went to that "helped my kids school" (though it didn't need help)? That was a drain. Every dead end friendship that still lingered in my mind? DRAIN. I think you get the idea.
So today - even absent a 'goal' - I want you to think about one thing:
Protect your energy.
Especially if you can't create more for yourself in this moment, you must protect what you have.
Don't give it away.
Don't share it with people, places, or spaces that stir anger, defense, anxiety, fear, sadness, or guilt in your gut.
We live in a time where there is a lot of pull for your energy - give it only where it should be (where it is loved and appreciated) and where it will grow.
aka BLING 
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