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Free US Shipping on orders $49+
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Thank you for checking out our BWraps! 

We hope you love your BWrap as much as we loved making it.

Here are some important notes about our BWraps:

1. BWraps are handmade with love in Pittsburgh. Any imperfections (except spelling that differs from your order) is intentional and is an inherent aspect to the essence of our Bwraps and the uniquness of your item.

2. BWraps are an accessory and they are intended for mature use only.

Please be sure to keep your BWrap away from people who might put things in their mouth (it contains small parts) and please be sure to keep away from anyone who might try to wrap it around their neck. When we make it, we put extra good vibes in too - so just keep away from people with bad vibes and negative energy.

3. Our BWraps are made with quality leather and nickel-free parts. We strongly recommend you do NOT wear it in the shower and try to keep it away from excessive exposure to water (it might destroy the leather).

4. We cut our Classic BWraps extra long so you can wrap to your heart's delight (36" is our standard). If you order a Truly Custom, Truly You Bwrap and your text exceeds a 36" length, we will add 3" and cut your Bwrap there. All of our Bwrap bracelets are otherwise 32" which allows for a wrap around of approximately four times. If you have extra length at the end, YOU CAN CUT IT. Once you wrap to your comfort level, just make a mark where you want it to end and snip away. Yes! With scissors. We recommend you snip our METALS collection (and select Limited Edition pieces at times) on an angle (for edge) and all our other BWraps should be cut with a point (as you received them). For more information on cutting and putting your BWrap on, please view our B a BWrap PRO page.

For any additional help or information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team: